Monument Valley – A Puzzle Game That Doesn’t Force You to Learn Any New Moves

Monument Valley is a game that is a hybrid of puzzle and adventure games. It doesn’t have any puzzles or any hidden secrets but instead relies on the player to solve many of the puzzles that are in each level. While this is true it also means that the game will only go through about three stages of puzzles and will end before you have to try and figure out what’s going on. It does this to keep the player from getting frustrated because the puzzles are repetitive.

Like most other puzzle games Monument Valley will have a goal that you will have to complete. In this case, your goal is to create your own world. That way you can then build whatever you want as long as it fits the landscape of the surrounding world. Each level will be different. That is to say, when you start a level there will be a different landscape than there is at the end of the level.

Since you have to move through this world, you will need to follow a path that is set out for you and try to figure out how to get from one point to another while following a path that is well-marked. In this way, you can get as far as you can without taking any unnecessary detours. The majority of the time, the scenery that you see at the end of each level is a bit different than what you saw when you started so you will have to be more creative with where you place items, including yourself.


An additional benefit of having a limited world to play in is that you can build things that are more complex. You can build homes for your character or you can build structures to serve as towns that have their own parks, shops, and other structures. You can also find artifacts to place in these towns. It might take you a few times to get the artifacts needed to make the town, but once you do it will feel like a real, inhabited place.

Monument Valley is a puzzle game. However, the puzzles don’t involve any special abilities that you would need to learn to complete the puzzles. Most of the time, the puzzles are rather simple, requiring you to match the items and walls that are in front of you and then use them in a specific way to open up a path that is pointed in the direction you want to go. There are other puzzles in which you will need to search a particular area of the game world. For example, in one level, the path from the first town to the second one is blocked by a statue that you have to find to continue.

There are a few time-limited abilities that you will need to use in Monument Valley that will help you reach some of the goals that you set out to accomplish in the game. If you want to build a city, for example, you will need to first solve the puzzle where you have to move around and build a statue that fits into the appropriate space of the city. After you have done this, you will need to use an ability to help you shape the statues.

Another benefit of using these time-limited abilities is that it makes it easy to forget that the puzzles that you are solving in Monument Valley are in fact puzzles. Once you have solved the puzzle and moved the statue around the area, you will get a nice feeling that you have accomplished something.

Overall, Monument Valley is a puzzle game that has a nice look and a wonderful sense of style. It might not have the interactivity of other puzzle games like Portal, but it is a good mix of puzzle and adventure. It is great fun and worth checking out.

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