3 Harmful Supplements for Diabetics

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Diabetics certainly understand that the intake of various types of food must be regulated. Similarly, the intake of types of supplements because the selection of types of supplements that are not appropriate can actually cause interactions with diabetes drugs.

This is certainly not desirable because it can interfere with the effectiveness of the drug. Therefore, it is important for diabetics to understand what types of supplements are safe for diabetics.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, there are three types of supplements that are not safe for consumption by diabetics, namely:

Herbal supplements

Some types of supplements that are often referred to have benefits for diabetics, namely bitter melon, fenugreek, ginseng and sweet potatoes, it turns out does not prove the existence of effectiveness for people with diabetes, even some of them actually provide side effects that can affect the health condition of the body.

St. Johns wort

Still in the herbal group, St. Johns wort is not recommended for diabetics because it affects diabetics because it interacts with diabetes medications.

Aloe vera

Almost similar to St. Johns wort, aloe vera supplements can interact with diabetes medications.
Most types of supplements that are not recommended are herbal supplements because supporting data and studies that prove the effectiveness of using these types of herbs still show contra results.

Then, what supplements are recommended for diabetics?

Diabetics are encouraged to take vitamin and mineral supplements, namely vitamin C and vitamin D. Vitamin C has been shown to not affect the body’s blood sugar levels, while vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of complications of diabetes.

In addition, the minerals magnesium and chromium can be chosen because their inadequate intake can increase the risk of developing diabetes. In addition, omega-3 supplements are also good for the health of the body of diabetics.