7 Signs of Childbirth in Women Start Close

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The best way to always be ready and alert if a couple is pregnant is to recognize the signs that are given. For example the signs of a baby are active in the fetus in the form of kicks and movements. Furthermore a sign that the fetus is not healthy in the form of a decrease in movement.

Other signs that must be considered by men and women are signs of labor. Before entering that phase the woman will bring up some special signs. From this sign the couple must be ready if at any time the fetus will be born so preparations must be made immediately. The following signs of labor have begun to close.

Childbirth is near

The following are some signs of labor that have begun to close that are commonly felt by women. Look carefully at the sign above so you can better understand the changes that are happening well.

Unbearable pain appeared

Women who are approaching labor will experience intense pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. This pain causes a considerable disturbance so that the woman becomes difficult to move. To just sit and lie down they still feel considerable pain.

If this sign has appeared along with a stiff area of ​​the abdomen and waist, the couple should be alert. Soon the labor process will occur so that all needs are immediately prepared so that when the labor process arrives it will not be hampered by congenital or referral problems.

Contractions are getting more intense

Contractions will appear as the size of the fetus increases in the womb. Movement of the baby and changes in the uterus cause contractions often appear and feel painful. One type of contraction that often occurs is Braxton Hicks contractions.

This contraction of Braxton Hicks occurs for 30-120 seconds and will disappear by itself. These contractions also often appear at any time so that women often feel uncomfortable. This false contraction is usually felt in the area of ​​the abdomen and pelvis. Then the contractions will disappear by themselves and then come back again several times a day.

Amniotic fluid begins to break

Rupture of amniotic fluid is also becoming increasingly close to labor that will be experienced by women. If the membranes break, the fetus will be born in the near future. You and your partner must immediately meet the nearest midwife to help with labor because the fetus is no longer in the womb.

One of the dangers of this process is that the fetus does not go to show there is a sign of wanting to get out. The doctor or midwife will usually give an induction immediately so the fetus can get out immediately. If this process does not come to fruition, a Caesarean section can be done.

Women start beser

Women will start working many times even though the amount of urine that comes out is not much. This condition will be quite torturous because women have to go to the bathroom many times. So that women are not tired of adult adults usually can be used.

Sleep disturbance every night

The greater the fetus in the body and the pain that often occurs, the quality of sleep from a woman decreases. In one day, women cannot sleep for up to 6-8 hours.

Mucus mixed with blood appears from the vagina

Red mucus will appear in the form of spotting from the vagina. This condition is another sign of getting closer to labor. Women must be vigilant so that when labor occurs there is no interference.

The cervix begins to soften

The last sign that shows a woman going through labor is a change in the cervix. The initially stiffer area of ​​the cervix will begin to soften and become elastic. This section will be used as a way for the baby to come out during the labor process.

Usually if the cervix starts to expand up to 1-2 centimeters, labor will occur. Women have been advised to rest more and wait for labor to occur. If the body can’t stand the pain in the stomach, it’s good to be in the clinic to wait for labor to arrive.