Back Pain Turns Out To Trigger Paralysis If Ignored

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One of the many health problems affecting adults is back pain or low back pain. These two health problems can be caused by many things, from the habit of sitting for a long time in the workplace, to often being in improper posture.

Health experts themselves say that if a disease that affects quite a lot of people today can make the body feel uncomfortable and if ignored, it is feared that it can cause more serious health problems like paralysis.

A neurosurgeon named Subrady Leo said that the main cause of the emergence of back pain and low back pain is the muscle that is used too hard when working. This pain caused by health problems can also be divided into two types, the first is pain and sensation like bumping and structural pain. What we need to be aware of is this structural pain.

If pain can be treated with massage, rest, cold compresses, or even infrared treatment, then the pain is structural usually caused by nerve problems or the presence of porous bones.

In addition, there is also the possibility of the appearance of tumors in the nerves or in the spinal cord, which of course we must be aware of because if not handled properly, what happens is that low back pain can lead to paralysis.

If the pain in the back and waist is triggered by pinched nerves, the sufferer can do physiotherapy to look for and treat which parts are painful. However, if this method fails to find the cause of this pain, the doctor will usually do an injection of pain medication or even nerve surgery.