Bad Habits That Trigger Urinary Tract Infection

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One symptom of a urinary tract infection is frequent urination or anyang-anyangan. In addition, when urinating also always not complete and cause pain in the lower abdomen even though the effect is sometimes only temporary.

Urinary tract infections can occur at any time and are often not realized by many people. If you want this activity to run smoothly and not continue to go to the restroom, try to avoid or reduce the following bad habits.

1. Frequently holding urine

One bad habit that is often done is often holding urine. When you feel like urinating, immediately go to the bathroom. If you continue to hold it, the urinary tract will become a place for bacteria to multiply so that the chance of infection is quite large.

2. Lack of drinking

When urinating is the best time to get rid of bacteria through the urinary tract. If you don’t drink enough water every day, the urine produced will be small. As a result, bacteria will easily spread and cause infections that make you urinate frequently and pain that sometimes interferes in the lower abdomen.

3. False when washing the vagina

Washing the correct vagina is from front to back. If you wash from the back to the front, the bacteria in the anus will move to the vaginal area. As a result, an infection in the urinary tract will occur so that you will feel pain when urinating.

4. Soak often

Some soap products for bathing in a bath contain chemicals that are quite dangerous. If you soak every day, the harmful substance can enter the urinary tract and cause infection.

5. Using dirty underwear

Underwear will get dirty and damp easily when used on hot days. So that bacteria do not spread and eventually enter the urinary tract, change clothes every day especially after bathing and before going to bed.