Could it be that sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through public toilets?

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We certainly often hear how dirty and full of bacteria are public toilets. For this reason, it is better to immediately wash your hands with soap so that they are not exposed to bacteria that cause disease.

However, there is a question that arises if we use public toilets. Since this toilet is used by many people, is it possible if a sexually transmitted disease can be transmitted through the use of this public toilet?

Health expert Professor Basil Donovan, who is from the Sydney Sexual Health Center, Australia, said that this fear was understandable but not true. Prof. Donovan said that although bacteria and viruses that can trigger sexually transmitted diseases can stick to the toilet seat, however, these bacteria tend to die immediately when they leave the human body.

The bacteria and viruses apparently will not be able to last long at temperatures that tend to be dry and hot so that before the toilet sits touched by other people’s skin, these bacteria and viruses are dead.

Prof. Donovan reminded that as the name implies, sexually transmitted diseases will only be transmitted through sexual activity, be it intimate, oral sex, or through the skin and skin like transmission of genital warts.

Apart from these activities, this disease tends not to be able to move to other people. According to him, until now, he had never found a case of someone having sexually transmitted diseases because of the use of public toilets.

Although it is certain that it will not transmit sexually transmitted diseases, it’s a good idea to keep your body clean after using public toilets. We must always wash our hands with soap and dry it properly so that we will prevent the spread of various bacteria and germs that can trigger digestive problems.