Food and Beverages Cause Distended Stomach

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A distended stomach is indeed an annoying thing. Because, by bulging the stomach will make our pants become uncomfortable again when worn. In addition, a distended stomach can also make the appearance become unsightly. Therefore, many people who hate and fear if they experience a bloated stomach.

The distended stomach itself can occur due to various factors, but the main factor still comes from the food we consume everyday. Because, there are several foods that are believed to make the stomach become distended quickly.

What are these foods? Check out the information below.

1. High Food Levels of Salt

The first thing we need to consider in choosing food is the salt content. Because, high salt levels in food can make and hold water in the body. Therefore, when we consume too much salt, the stomach will feel bloated due to the buildup of water that is too strong. As a result, the stomach also looks more distended.

2. Fatty foods

Furthermore, foods that can make a distended stomach are fatty foods. As is known, fat is the cause of obesity in a person’s body. For that, avoid fatty foods, especially fast food. We better replace it with nutritious food, in addition to healthy it will also prevent us from distended stomachs.

3. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated and carbonated drinks are indeed very refreshing and have a delicious taste. So do not be surprised if many people really like this one drink. Usually, carbonated drinks will be used as friends at work. However, from now on change this bad habit. Because, carbonated drinks are very effective in making our stomach distended. Because, this drink is rich in gas, which makes the stomach become more swollen and unconsciously bulges by itself.