Ways to Overcome Insomnia in Pregnant Women


During pregnancy, of course, there are many problems that you can experience. One problem is insomnia (difficulty sleeping). According to research, around 78% of pregnant women experience insomnia due to various causes. Insomnia is most often experienced when their wombs enter the third trimester.

Of course mothers will feel disturbed because they don’t have enough sleep, even though the fact is that pregnant women should have enough sleep. This insomnia can be caused by various factors such as feeling anxious to welcome the birth of a baby, low back pain during pregnancy, and a large stomach that can make you feel uncomfortable. Check out the reviews below on how to treat insomnia in pregnant women:

Gives a gentle massage to the back

One reason why you can’t sleep may be because of a backache, with a gentle touch and massage so that it can slightly reduce the pain. You can ask for help from your husband to massage your sore back. This gentle massage is very important as a way to deal with back pain during pregnancy.

Soak the feet with warm water and salt

Try to soak your feet with warm water when you feel sore. This simple thing turns out to help you to sleep. You have to try it because this trick is proven effective. This method is also very good for overcoming swollen feet during pregnancy.

Prepare healthy food just in case at night

You can’t sleep well because at night or midnight you feel hungry. Hunger can make anyone unable to sleep peacefully, not only pregnant women. Prepare healthy foods such as whole wheat bread or fruit in the refrigerator, so that when you are hungry you can eat healthy foods. Just choose a variety of foods that are suitable for the nutrition of pregnant women based on the trimester of pregnancy.

Diligent sports

Most pregnant women are lazy to move and just lie on the bed every day. It actually makes your back hurt and even makes you insomnia at night. Therefore do not ever be lazy to move. You can try to walk around the complex with your husband in the morning or evening.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is not good for your mother to consume during pregnancy because the content in it can be dangerous for babies, ranging from causing disability to miscarriage. Besides that caffeine can also cause you to become insomnia, therefore you should avoid caffeine. The danger of coffee for pregnant women can also make blood pressure problems in pregnant women, increase heart rate and make hormones problematic.

You should not drink too much when you want to sleep

One of the reasons why mothers have trouble sleeping is because mothers often go back and forth to the bathroom because they often urinate during pregnancy. Drinking water is indeed very good for fetal development, but it’s best before bedtime not to drink too much water.

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