Here are the 4 Deadly Viruses You Must Know

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Viruses are microscopic parasites that can infect cells of biological organisms in the body. The virus itself can reproduce in living material by utilizing living organ cells because the virus does not have cellular equipment to reproduce itself.

Therefore, viruses often use cells in the human body to continue reproduction. This certainly will have a negative effect because the virus has a very harmful parasitic nature.

Throughout history, many types of viruses have been encountered, both ordinary viruses and viruses that have claimed many lives. Thus, the existence of a virus certainly cannot be underestimated and you must remain vigilant. In this case, it would be nice to recognize some very deadly viruses that can attack anyone.

Here are 4 deadly viruses that you must know :

Lujo virus

This virus began popping up in 2008, precisely in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. According to the results of the research conducted, the Lujo virus has a threat of deadly levels of up to 80 percent. It is also said if the Lujo virus causes symptoms similar to Ebola, which attacks the gums and nose.

Marburg Virus

The Marburg virus is classified as a very dangerous and life threatening virus. The beginning of the emergence of this virus in 1967 ago in Germany. If you have been exposed to this virus, a person can experience sensory disturbances, such as hearing, vision, muscle weakness, and olfactory weakness.


HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus can attack the immune system and damage the body’s ability to fight disease. Until, anyone affected by this virus will be susceptible to disease because the body’s immunity is no longer functioning.

Dengue virus

For this one virus can be spread through mosquito bites. Usually, the disease produced is dubbed as dengue fever. Until now, there have been millions of people who have died from the dengue virus. Therefore, this virus is said to be a virus that has a lethal rate of up to 90 percent.