How Long is The Normal Induction Process Until The Time of Birth?

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Sometimes, some mothers need help with induction to start labor. This is usually done if the opening does not increase or for certain medical reasons. However, you may be anxious and afraid that the induction will last a long time and increase the pain towards labor. Indeed, how long, does the induction process take place? Here’s the full review.

How long does the induction process last?

The length of the labor induction process is determined by the condition of the mother’s own body. Usually, mothers who have experienced spontaneous labor before will respond more quickly to induction than mothers who have never experienced spontaneous labor.

If the condition of the cervix (cervix) of the mother is not yet mature, in the sense that it is still hard, long and closed, then the induction process may take around 1-2 days until the time for giving birth. But if the condition of the cervix is soft, then the induction process will certainly be faster, even it only takes a few hours to give birth.

In addition, the induction method chosen also determines how long the induction process takes place. Here are some induction methods that can be done, namely:

Using prostaglandin

The doctor may also insert prostaglandin drugs into your vagina so that the cervix is thinning and open. This drug can effectively ripen and soften the cervix in 90 percent of women.

There are two types of prostaglandin drugs, which are in the form of gel and suppositories. If you are given a prostaglandin gel, the mother’s body will be monitored every 6-8 hours until further contractions occur.

Whereas when using suppositories, prostaglandins will begin to be released in the body for 12-24 hours. In that time frame, you should prepare yourself because labor is getting closer.

Using oxytocin

Most women take about 6-12 hours to start labor after getting oxytocin (pitocin) induction. This type of labor effectively widens your cervix at least 1 centimeter (cm) per hour.

You will also experience rupture of membranes in the near future. Get ready, soon you will give birth and meet the baby.

Using Foley catheter

In addition to drugs, stimulating labor can also be done with the help of a tool. Your doctor may insert a Foley catheter at the end of your cervix.

The Foley catheter is a type of catheter with a balloon tip containing saline liquid in it. This balloon will suppress the cervix and stimulate contractions at least within 24 hours of delivery.