Still like to hold urine? Beware of Danger for Health

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Urination is one of the body’s natural mechanisms for removing various waste substances that are no longer needed. Unfortunately, because of a condition like being on a trip or when attending an important event so you can’t go to the restroom, then you have to hold your urine.

Although considered as a matter of course, health experts say that if the habit of holding urine can turn out to be very bad for health. What are the health hazards that can occur if we often do it?

Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections are included in a disease that provides extreme pain to the sufferer. Usually, sufferers of this disease always want to urinate but will also feel tremendous pain in their urethra. When urinating, sometimes we can feel a burning sensation that will be very painful. In order not to experience it, we should not get used to holding urine.

Bladder infection

Health expert Dr. Chamandep Bali, which originates from the Toronto Naturophatic Health Clinic, Canada, said that if we hold urine for a long time, the bladder will become a favorite place for bacteria. If this happens, bacteria can trigger infections that can not only take place in the bladder, but also can spread to the kidneys which is certainly very dangerous.

Problems with urination function

Lower Urinary Tract Symptomps (LUTS) or urinary dysfunction is a condition where we can no longer control the urinary tract and bladder. As a result, we will also find it difficult to resist the urge to urinate so that we can wet our bed, urinate can not be completed, and decrease sexual function. Besides often occurring in the elderly due to age, this disease can also occur in those who hold back too little water too often.