This is the result if Lazy Men Change Underwear

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Compared to women, men tend to be indifferent to their body’s sanitation problems. A man can not even take a shower all day if he is on holiday or does not change his underwear for several days because it is still considered clean.

Actually, underwear must be replaced every 6-8 hours. This needs to be done so that the condition of the groin and the surrounding area does not smell, does not sweat, and is not infested with germs.

If men are still lazy to change their underwear, some of these things might happen.

The penis becomes smelly

Whether we realize it or not, the groin area is very sweaty. The temperature there is often high, causing the skin to continue to excrete. If men don’t replace their underwear regularly, they can get a bad smell on the penis area.

To find out whether the penis and the area around it smell or not, try to smell the smell of underwear. If there is no smell, it means it can be used again. However, if there is an unpleasant odor and piss, replace it immediately.

Penis becomes itchy

Dirty panties cause the penis to become sensitive and often feel itchy especially in the part of the scrotum. When the penis experiences itching, you definitely can’t stand it and want to scratch it.

Penile infection

The intense itching makes you unconscious to scratch it too hard. As a result, the skin becomes injured and eventually an adverse infection occurs.

The penis becomes a hotbed of disease

The condition of smelly and dirty underwear causes bacteria and viruses to multiply easily. The impact, you will often experience penile diseases such as itching in the groin, the penis becomes dry, and warts appear.